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Sages of Chaos: Attack of the Fangirls: Battlefield

...this should be interesting...

Sages of Chaos: Attack of the Fangirls: Battlefiel
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On the side of the fangirls! Glorious leaders Leela, Ashu, Merodi and Naoko, backed up by the patron goddess of fangirls-and-boys, Laleiora-Deigna. Along with their army of fangirls, too numerous to be named here!

On the side of the resistance! Commander Lord Zhilbar and Blue Frame are the front line, with Pimp!X bringing in the first win over the fangirls, via Ashu's bra! They have our very first prisoner-of-war, Melinda.

Here, they battle it out...after a fashion.

((ooc: If I missed anyone who should get a front-page mention, lemme know.))