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Just an idea...

Dearest Fangirls -

I had a thought for your next "battle" the other day.  :)

The subject is one Frank Castle.  We all know he has this unerring weakness for children - what better target for your next "movement."

I'd love to see his reaction to being fan-girl'd to death and beyond.  (hiding a laugh behind a hand)

Of course, I'm not openly suggesting this, because being part of the Fangirl Army means that you might have to break some laws  - which, as a Ranger, I am sworn to uphold.... No, I am merely passing along what I think to be a rather humorous idea.

Now, I must be off - it seems that Lazarus Slade is trying out some new, mad, scheme and has gotten himself caught in it again....  *sigh*  Why, oh why, does he never learn that his mad scientist schemes will never work?  

*smiles* Thank you for your time, Dear Fangirls - I hope to see more "positive" results from your efforts soon!  :)
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is bright-eyed.

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I am not amused.

One of you wrote a story. This is not unusual. However, it was written about Lord Zhilbar and myself, and unfortunately, he and I are now forced to deal with the consequences of this story, in the form of a pregnancy.

I suggest whoever is responsible steps forward.

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The FanGirls are disbanding? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?!?





So... does that mean the laws will cease to exist? That I could be with my darling Wade all I like, and touch him anytime I want?

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The walls are gleaming and white again, hung with banners and regalia from other times. Silk flags on pennant poles fluttered in the breeze and the experts had done the job well, packing fireworks into areas so that the grand finale to the fangirl uprising went out - not with a whimper, but with one hell of a bang!

Leela gazed at the area, smiling softly. Perhaps the other side had started it, with X posting on Sages about Ashu's bra - he got the first strike, sure. And of course Zhilbar... but she would show them how the fangirls partied in peace time. And there was none better. Anywhere.

*snaps fingers* She turned to her..sister and reminded her to get someone to bring that pool of scumble to the party. No more swimmin in it allowed. And she had to get invitations out..she wasn't certain who she could ask for help with that one. They had to invite all the resistance, plus the fangirls list Hmmmmmmm....
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*The North gate was wide open, children, girls, several boys even; were walking walking out with backpacks, sleeping bags, stuffed animals, pictures and autographs.*

*Leela stood there, her friends beside her; her 'Sister' Lara, and Naoko and her siblings. Ashu and Merodi had also agreed. And Leela had spoken to Mel as well, informing her of the upcoming situation. Leela hoped that their patron Gods and Goddesses would be so understanding.*

*Finally, all the stragglers had said their good byes and gone. Leela walked up the hillside and sat down in the grass, overlooking the white walled city.*

Well, That's it. The troops have been disbanded. It's over. No one left but us.
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What am I???

Resistance Meeting starts NOW! All ranking officers report in!

Lord Zhilbar, we do need to "talk"...

We should now commence the second Resistance meeting with all ranking members. We should discuss the incident that befelled FanGirl City, and the methods used.

X, this is especially compulsary for you to come in.

Syrin, you were also involved. Please report here.

EDIT: *ahem* forgotten what happened to the Professor. She needs the rest, so she will be excused for now.

Green Lantern, although you are not on our side, but you were responsible in stopping what happened that day. Your presence is needed.

Another representative from FanGirl City is also appreciated
Standing Forth

Statements to Uprising and Resistance...

I have been away. I have My reasons, available for any who wish to ask, but at the moment, it looks that local events are more important.

It seems I have many things to say, and many explanations demanded of Me. I am willing to speak one-on-one with each member of the Resistance, the Uprising, and the fellows that just decided to hop in without looking. This is not the place for the discussion of why we are opposed in the first place, this is only for speaking of the recent conflict. ((OOC damage statements to be taken at face value.))

Collapse )

Collapse )

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Many no doubt wish to take Me to task and provide as many punitive measures as they can think up; putting aside their inability, I wonder how many of them have been in similar command positions. It is a very true statement that says: "Uneasy sits the behind that bears the boss." My opposing number surely has a better idea of what I mean now. I am hedged about with responsibilities to My people, My armies, My domains, and Myself; it is quite a maze with great difficulty finding a path to satisfy them all. Still, at the end of the day, I can look at Myself and not feel ashamed at the sight.

((MASSIVE OOC NOTE: I know all of you are going to jump down Zhilbar's throat for the last especially. What He means is that when all's said and done, he brought a battle station down to earth unharmed (If this was not the case then there would have been a great MANY casualties), broke several holes in a wall, rampaged up and down several streets and knocked a few cornices off in the process, and sent vast amounts of young girls to Sleepyland when, according to Leela, it was already past their bedtime. Good work, by the way, Leela-mun. Forcing Nexus time to fit RL? Masterful, though I have no idea why you thought it applicable in the first place. At any rate, directly causing no more than sleep and indirectly causing no harm a Band-Aid couldn't take care of, He has no problem with His actions toward the fangirl menace.

On a personal note, I am at an Internet Cafe and have roughly an hour more of time before I have to get back; it is unlikely in the extreme that I'll be able to sign on again until tomorrow. Please take care of what you can with Him now.

And thank you all for wishing my sister well. It looks that she'll make a complete recovery.))
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